InfoReach Sell-Side OEMS - TMSbd
Sell-Side OMS/EMS. Powerful Trading System for Broker-Dealer

Sell-Side TMSbd for global trading

Now sell-side firms can automate and optimize all their portfolio and single order trading with one cost-effective solution. The InfoReach Sell-Side trading platform for broker-dealer integrates OMS functionality with the intelligent trading tools and advanced execution capabilities of an enterprise-strength trade management system. It's the elegant technology answer for those seeking the best of both worlds unified in a single, customizable platform.

Our trade management software provides sell-side trading desks with the technology and tools to take client orders and baskets through the most efficient execution cycle. Beginning with pre-trade analysis of a client's intended orders, the InfoReach Sell-side TMS for broker-dealers tightly wraps the trade execution cycle with pre-trade, in-trade and post-trade analysis. It tracks performance against various benchmarks and keeps both trader and client abreast of execution progress and results.

With OEMS technology specifically engineered for high-volume trading, InfoReach Sell-Side trading system for broker-dealers enables rapid, high-capacity order staging and management. Traders can turn over even thousand-name baskets in seconds.

Built-in algorithms, integration with hundreds of third-party algorithms, connectivity to a wide array of global markets and the ability to customize execution and routing logic provide sell-side traders with superior set of tools to improve execution performance.

Get the power to do more with a single trade order management system:

  • Automate the complete trade and order management process–from receipt of client orders to post-trade analysis of execution to regulatory reporting (OATS and TRF/ACT)
  • Manage facilitation, agency and principal trading, market making, pre-trade checks, execution errors handling and regulatory reporting
  • Boost performance with advanced single-stock and list-trading capabilities–including index, pairs, and multiday basket trading
  • Quickly access liquidity and employ algorithmic strategies across multiple venues and destinations with our FIX-based connectivity network
  • Seize moment-to-moment market opportunities with interactive charts, graphs and heat maps
  • Monitor all global trading positions (executed, partially executed and working orders) in real time across instruments and accounts
  • Manage risk with automated risk controls. Apply a hierarchy of safeguards and limits across a spectrum of variables (such as trader, instrument, position, unit and destination) and trigger alerts to adjust trades or block orders

In addition, InfoReach trade management software can be integrated with our HiFREQ algorithmic engine to facilitate throughput of tens of thousands of orders per second at sub-millisecond latency. HiFREQ provides all the essential components for the creation, testing and deployment of high-frequency strategies. To learn more, visit High-frequency algorithmic engine.

Create a customized trading environment with lightning-fast deployment

While the InfoReach Sell-Side TMS for broker-dealers comes with most trade-ready functionality “out-of-the-box,” it can be customized to meet your specific trade management and execution needs. With your choice of on-site installation or hosting at any of our global data centers, InfoReach averages an industry-leading deployment time of just 3 weeks.

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