InfoReach HiFREQ
High Frequency Trading Software (HFT) for Algorithmic Trading


HiFREQ is a powerful algorithmic engine that gives traders the ability to deploy HFT strategies for equities, futures, options and FX trading without having to invest the time and resources in building and maintaining their own technology infrastructure. It provides all the essential components to facilitate throughput of tens of thousands of orders per second at sub-millisecond latency.
HiFREQ can be used independently as a stand-alone black box trading solution, or as part of the InfoReach TMS trading platform for a complete, end-to-end trading system.

Its open, broker-neutral architecture allows users to create and deploy proprietary, complex trading strategies as well as access algorithms from brokers and other third-party providers. Orders can be routed to any global market destination via InfoReach’s internal low-latency FIX Engine.



Global equities, futures, options and FX

Risk control

HiFREQ provides risk assessment of every order request and ensures compliance with pre-configured firm-specific trading constraints.

Broker neutral

HiFREQ connects you to the multiple brokers, exchanges and ECNs.

Centralized monitoring and control

While components of HiFREQ can be distributed across various geographical locations all strategy performance monitoring and control functions can be performed from a centralized remote location.


HiFREQ can execute 20,000+ orders per second per single FIX connection. Using two or more FIX connections can considerably increase throughput.

Low latency

Sub-millisecond roundtrip latency measured from the point HiFREQ gets a FIX execution report to the point when HiFREQ completes sending of a FIX order message.

Distributed and Scalable

To increase the efficiency and performance of the trading strategies their components can be designed to run concurrently. Strategy components can also be deployed across multiple servers that can be collocated with various execution venues.


Java Programmer’s Guide

Download InfoReach HiFREQ Java Programmer's Guide

Deterministic testing

Strategy Backtesting and Scenario Testing framework allows the client to effectively evaluate performance and validate the behavior of trading strategies.

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