Quick Facts

Corporate name: InfoReach, Inc.
Year founded: 1995
Ownership: Privately held
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Sales offices: Chicago, New York, Amsterdam
Staffing: Industry-leading allocation of product and support engineers in total staffing
  • 60% product engineers
  • 20% support engineers
  • 5% quality assurance engineers
  • 8% sales
  • 4% administrative
Funding: Never financed
Growth/revenues: Revenue-backed organic growth; consecutive yearly profits since inception
Expense allocation: InfoReach consistently boasts one of the industry's highest allocations to R&D
  • 60% product research and development
  • 10% administrative
  • 10% product support
  • 15% marketing
  • 5% miscellaneous
Customers: Buy- and sell-side institutions (hedge funds, brokerage firms, asset managers) as well as high-frequency traders and program trading groups
Geographic reach: Global