InfoReach has the best visualization capabilities of any EMS we've seen. Their technology is able to take a multitude of highly technical quantitative data and present, in a very effective manner, items of particular interest that would otherwise take a long time to recognize from figures.

Many of the InfoReach development and technical staff have been with the company since inception. This provides terrific continuity with respect to performance efficiency as modifications and enhancements are not simply 'tagged' on to the existing hardware and software.

Industry Analyst

We trade large portfolios, so we need a system with which we can quickly summarize the status. A table with numbers does not help us grasp what is going on -- it has to be graphical. We were quite impressed with the reporting functionality that goes beyond two-dimensional tables.

Second, we needed to be able to plug in analytics that tell the algorithms how to execute. [InfoReach TMS] allows us to plug in our proprietary execution strategies - in fact we write our execution algorithms in statistical languages and it allows us to plug them into the system so that we can use the power of our models and the power of the execution network.

Finally, you not only need to be able to view your execution - you also need to control it, and the system allows us to drill down, find the branch of the portfolio we are interested in, and modify it.

Van Buren Advisors

We would like to let you know that while we do expect our vendors to perform, performance of InfoReach employees and as a company during Phase I integration and rollout was exemplary. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Abel Noser

I was very pleased with the success of [our most recent] release. I know at times I can be a "task master", but in the end, it really reflects on the quality product that InfoReach delivers. The fact that everything worked, that there were NO problems stood out in management's eyes.

This release was a real plus for InfoReach. I appreciated all the effort that John, Steve, Rich, Kristine and Andy did to ensure a pristine release. Keep up the good work! It's a pleasure to work with such conscientious people.

UBS Asset Management

The level of technical support provided by InfoReach in assisting the configuration and testing was outstanding and in sharp contrast to other experiences.

Pershing, LLC

We are very pleased to partner with InfoReach, whose diversified customer base supports our objective of reaching the largest community of buy-side and sell-side clients.

CA Cheuvreux

I wanted to take a minute to thank you and John for the help that you have provided as we prepare for the final testing to get International up and running for ESP Technologies LLC.

We have dealt with many others from various companies in this process but John's follow-through, timeliness and willingness to help are exemplary. We are very pleased with his product knowledge and the ability of your entire team to work on a project and complete it promptly. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Electronic Specialists, LLC