FIX Connectivity of InfoReach TMS

InfoReach currently connects to more than 160 brokers, ECNs, MTFs, exchanges, ATSs, dark pools and other major sources of global liquidity for electronic and automated trading of equities, options, futures and forex.

To ensure superior performance, reliability, low latency and high throughput, InfoReach TMS supplies market and broker connectivity via its own InfoReach FIX Network (IFN). While many destinations are already certified, a route to any FIX-compliant destination easily can be established—often within days.

As an added benefit, the IFN provides a real-time alerting feature that notifies traders whenever a trading destination in our FIX connectivity network becomes unavailable—regardless of whether an order or order amend is in play. The alerts allow traders to redirect orders to an available broker well in advance of market close.

Other features of InfoReach TMS