Allen Zaydlin, CEO of InfoReach sounds off in defense of high frequency trading. By Allen Zaydlin, CEO, InfoReach
InfoReach Showcases High-Frequency Trading Module at FIA Expo 09, October 21 – 22, 2009, Chicago Hilton, Booth #1611 ( )
Latest addition to InfoReach TMS trading platform lets firms employ high-frequency algorithmic trading strategies
Traders Magazine. InfoReach Gets Traders Going High-Speed Quickly ( )
InfoReach wants to give smaller shops the tools to be high-frequency traders.
Best Execution Guide to Low Latency 2010 ( )
You can never stand still because no matter how many thousands or millions of dollars you spend creating the infrastructure...
WIRED. Investigation: The business of high-frequency trading ( )
InfoReach, a company specialising in trading technology, has platforms capable of handling more than 10k orders per second
ISS-MAG. Fifteen Years of Growth for InfoReach ( )
InfoReach reports that the company's earnings for 2009 grew by 22% in revenues and it doubled its net profitability
InfoReach Achieves 15th Consecutive Year of Revenue Growth ( )
InfoReach, a global provider of high-performance electronic trading technology for capital markets, doubled its net profitability
ATMonitor. InfoReach Enjoyed Success In 2009 ( )
InfoReach's earnings for 2009 grew by 22% in revenues and it doubled its net profitability, marking the firm's 15th consecutive year of revenue growth
The Economist. Regulating in response to the 'flash crash' ( )
The Economist. Regulating in response to the 'flash crash'
Investors seek amends to SEC reporting proposal ( )
Buy-side firms say clarifications are needed to a proposal by the Securities and Exchange Commission to increase monitoring of firms deemed to large traders
Advanced Trading. Is the LTRS a Big Brother? ( )
Allen Zaydlin, chairman of InfoReach, that has many high-frequency trading clients, agrees that privacy is at risk
Marketsmedia. Prop Traders Seek Flexible Platforms ( )
InfoReach has designed its technology to be implemented rapidly and with maximum flexibility
Markets Media: Quality of Trading Software under Microscope ( )
InfoReach has embedded risk limits within its multi-broker trading systems, covering orders originated manually, algorithmically, via API or via FIX
The Trade: InfoReach adds new risk controls ( )
Trading technology provider InfoReach has added configurable, real-time risk checks to its electronic trading platform
InfoReach Adds Fixed Income Electronic Trading with Direct Connectivity to NASDAQ OMX eSpeed ( )
InfoReach announces its new fixed-income trading functionality with direct access NASDAQ OMX eSpeed (U.S. Treasuries.)
InfoReach Enhances Electronic Trading Platform Risk Controls ( )
InfoReach offers the ability to monitor and control risk in real time across a broad spectrum of firm-specific requirements for multiple asset classes
InfoReach HiFREQ - High Frequency Trading Software (HFT) for Algorithmic Trading
HiFREQ is a powerful algorithmic engine for high frequency trading that gives traders the ability to employ HFT strategies for EQ, FUT, OPT and FX trading