FIX Engine Architecture
Architecture of InfoReach FIX Engine

FIX Engine

FIX Engine is the products’ core component. Its main responsibilities are connectivity management, FIX session maintenance, and FIX message handling. It features “multiple connectivity” for client and server operation modes. You can distribute the FIX Engine across multiple processes and machines for a scaled deployment. This provides an increased capability to handle FIX message throughput, and the capacity to establish an unlimited number of FIX connections.

Engine Domain Manager

Engine Domain Manager acts to consolidate and provide configuration data for all the InfoRach FIX Engine components, and manages their interactions.

Directory Service

Directory Service consolidates the configuration data of all the InfoReach FIX Engine components. This includes remote object references, and GUI Tool user preferences. Access to configuration resources is easy with a Directory Service that’s either file-based or JNDI (e.g. JNDI provider for LDAP).

FIX Message Log Facility

FIX Message Log Facility administers FIX message persistence and furnishes FIX session state information during system recoveries. The Log Facility is compatible with a wide range of SQL databases including MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL and others. Additionally, Log Facility offers a high-speed file-based alternative to the database.

Event Log Facility

Event Log Facility gives developers and administrators a means of troubleshooting system issues. Event Log facility can be easily integrated with various application monitoring solutions.